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Created with Passion. Curated for You.

The dream is clear;

To sincerely connect with you as an authentic car enthusiast, purist, even collector - no matter where you may be.

Born from many nights fantasising, discussing, and reminiscing about countless car-centric stories, Curating Cars is a thoughtful change of direction from your usual car auction site, diving instead into the full spectrum of car culture, history, style... and all that brings together that thrilling sense of automotive enjoyment.

Expect to see unique automobiles, stunning originals and restorations, but also stuff that sees regular use or with a healthy patina. We will be focused on curating cars that have been researched, historically reviewed and professionally assessed for their investment potential - specifically so you can be assured of a buying and selling process that is smooth, secure and fuss-free.

Welcome to the family at Curating Cars!

As the first and dedicated modern classic and collectable car auction site to kick-off in the Middle East, we trust you'll soon find right here, something cool...



The Curating Cars Team

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